Via Daily Mail:

Some anti-American Muslim clerics have cast the deadly Superstorm Sandy as divine punishment for ‘Innocence of Muslims,’ a film mocking the Prophet Muhammad or for other perceived ills of American society.

The remarks by some on the fringe brought a backlash from other Muslims who said it was wrong to relish the suff1ering of others.

In Egypt, one radical cleric described the hurricane as revenge from God for the crude, anti-Islam film made in the U.S. that sparked waves of protests in the Muslim world in September.

‘God, shake the earth under their feet,’ read one comment, prompting the response: ‘We have brothers and friends in America – I don’t wish them any harm.’

Another Twitter response to Ghoneim compared Sandy to a divine wind sent to destroy a sinful nation and strike at the seat of the United Nations in New York.

‘We ask God to destroy the U.N. building for its injustice, corruption, tyranny … with Sandy.’

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