Never let a crisis go to waste.

Via E2 Wire:

An Obama campaign surrogate said Thursday that super-storm Sandy amplified the need to more aggressively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and better protect coastal infrastructure.

“We’re at a place where we have to focus on both mitigation — reducing greenhouse gas emissions — and adaptation — starting to move our vital infrastructure out of harm’s way. We know this is going to be our future. This is our new normal,” Kevin Knobloch, who represented the Obama campaign as a private citizen and is president of the Union of Concerned Scientists, said at an event hosted by Climate Desk.

Knobloch was responding to a question from Climate Desk’s Chris Mooney on how Obama might use his bully pulpit in a second term to address problems exposed by Sandy.

Earlier in the event, Knobloch had praised Obama for sidestepping Congress after cap-and-trade legislation failed in 2010 to pursue emissions reductions through the Environmental Protection Agency.

Knobloch said that is key because climate change means storms will remain violent. He noted that while scientists would not attribute Sandy to climate change, scientists attributed the storm’s intensity to it.