He’s not a scientist, but he plays one on TV.

TOM BROKAW: “I get why people would want to live right on the sea, that’s understandable. I lived on the ocean in California and there’s nothing quite like it. But now, because of climate change, and let’s be clear about this: We have climate change under way. Global warming, that’s another question that should be addressing as well. A vast majority of the meteorologists and scientists in the country, and in the world who study these kind of events have concluded that there is global warming and obviously we do have climate change. So, we have to plan for the future based on these realities, Andrea, and this is a huge wake up call.”

Again, there is no link whatsoever between hurricanes and so-called “climate change.” None.

Hurricane Expert Chris Landsea: Any connection between AGW & hurricanes is ‘almost certainly undetectable’ — ‘…and that this view is not particularly controversial among tropical cyclone climatologists. He concluded that hurricanes should not be the ‘poster’ representing a human influence on climate…Chris responded that asserting such a connection can be easily shown to be incorrect and thus risks some of the trust that the public has in scientists to play things straight’