He wanted “martyrdom,” they just granted him his wish.

Via Birmingham Mirror:

The family of Birmingham terror mastermind Rashid Rauf, the high-ranking Al Qaida planner killed by a CIA drone strike, are to sue the British government for helping to murder him.

British intelligence officers who shared information about the former baker’s boy with their US counterparts may be judged to have assisted in his murder, or of committing war crimes.

Rauf, 27, from Alum Rock, was reportedly killed in Pakistan’s lawless tribal areas when a CIA-controlled Predator drone fired its Hellfire missiles at a compound in North Waziristan in November 2008.

His family is to launch a legal challenge accusing the Government of being complicit in the murder of one of its own citizens on foreign soil.

Rauf was on a CIA ‘High Value Target’ list because of his alleged role as a chief planner for Al Qaida attacks on the West.

Intelligence services also believe he was the brains behind the July 7 London tube attacks, and that he masterminded the failed 2006 plot to blow up US airliners flying from Heathrow, using liquid bombs.