Via THR:

Two important things learned on Friday about the third Hangover film: It will be partially set in Las Vegas, where the first film in the franchise took place; and its stars are big fans of Michelle Obama.

Three of the film’s leads — Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Ken Jeong — took time off from participating in the latest edition of the bachelor party series to watch the First Lady give a speech at Orr Middle School in Las Vegas. She had been in Los Angeles the day before, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and attending a fundraiser at the home of Will Smith.

Nevada is a crucial swing state, and is receiving significant attention from the Obama campaign; the president spoke at a high school in North Las Vegas just two days before.

The Hangover trio did not factor into the First Lady’s speech, but they did help encourage early voting, and spoke with Dem Rep. Shelley Berkley, who is running for senate. They also paid a visit to Obama campaign headquarters in Vegas.