We won’t.

Via Red Alert Politics:

In a Rolling Stone interview previewed in Politico’s “Playbook” morning email, President Barack Obama reportedly told the Rolling Stone’s Douglas Brinkley that people shouldn’t “underestimate” what he can and will accomplish in a second term if elected.

“We’re going to have a full agenda in the second four years, but people shouldn’t underestimate how much we can get done,” Obama said.

In the Oct. 11 interview for the upcoming cover of Rolling Stone Obama pointed out that despite “the gridlock and the ugliness of the process here in Washington” his administration was able to get the healthcare reform bill passed, crack down on Wall Street (Dodd-Frank bill) and establish an entire new regulatory agency (Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, although either Obama or the Rolling Stone mistakenly called it the Consumer Finance Protection Agency in the preview).

“We passed health care – something that presidents have tried to do for 100 years, and we will implement it,” Obama said.

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