The world wants a weaker America, hence their love affair with the Apologizer-in-Chief.

Via WaPo:

A just-out BBC World Service poll surveying 22,000 people in 21 countries found a wide preference for President Obama in the presidential race, who scored 50 percent favorable among all respondents to Mitt Romney’s 9 percent. Almost a quarter, 24 percent, gave some variation of an answer that it made no difference. Only 16 percent said they didn’t know, a reminder of how closely the world follows American politics.

The poll surveyed many of the world’s most populous countries. It emphasized famously Obama-friendly Western Europe but skipped Russia and the Arab Middle East.

The only country where Romney scored higher was Pakistan, which may be more about widespread opposition to the Obama administration’s policies than is it about embracing Romney. Only 11 percent of Pakistanis said they wanted to see Obama reelected — by far his lowest score out of the countries surveyed — while 15 percent supported Romney, which is roughly consistent with his numbers in other countries. An earlier Pew poll found only 7 percent confidence for Obama in Pakistan, with 60 percent expressing no confidence. The U.S. drone program in Pakistan’s border region is a source of particular popular animus.

Obama scored extremely well in Canada, Australia, Africa, Western Europe (except Spain, where he received a relatively low 45 percent, though Romney got only 1 percent), as well as Panama and Brazil. Since 2008, when the poll was also conducted, pro-Obama sentiment has most significantly dropped in China, Mexico and Kenya; it rose by the widest margins in India and Panama.

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