The leftist-Islamist love affair still raging.

Via El Universal:

Lebanese shi’ite Hezbollah, an ally with Iran, congratulated on Tuesday Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez for his reelection, positive that his victory is because of the “prestige of the Bolivarian revolution” and refusal of the “intervention and domination” policies.

His (President Chávez’s) word “is one of the rare ones that advocate the establishment of a fair, balanced world system.”

In a press release, the shi’ite group added that Chávez’s reelection last October 7 is because of his “firm stance and the prestige of his Bolivarian revolution both at the regional and global levels.”

Hezbollah thanked Chávez for his support of the Palestinian cause, according to the notice released after a meeting between a delegation of the shi’ite group and Venezuelan Ambassador to Beirut Zoed Karam.