Of course as moderator she could have stepped in and stopped Biden from interrupting Ryan 85 times, she chose not to for obvious reasons.

Via ABC News:

Well, let me tell you one thing. For instance, I didn’t see Paul Ryan drinking all that water, ever, because when I was asking — because you’re so in the moment, and you’re asking Joe Biden a question. But I think right away, you knew what the strategy was.

But one of the things I think Joe Biden did was in that intimate — in that little intimate table, it was very small, he was too big. He was like he was at a campaign event. So you could even — you could feel that, especially at that table, that — that Joe Biden was so aggressive. So there were surprises there. I was surprised at Paul Ryan, that he didn’t jump in more, but that was clearly the strategy. But when you walk off, you’re not quite sure how it went.

HT: The Blaze