Islamists have nothing better to do than sit around and think of draconian ways to kill people in accordance with sharia law.

KHQ.COM: Imagine a world where public stonings, amputations, floggings and other inhumane acts serve as punishment for not following religious laws.

This is the terrifying reality that people in Northern Mali are facing right now. The threat is growing every day and women and children are highest at risk. broke the story first and reports that radical Islamists are gathering the names of unmarried mothers and pregnant women who are not married, raising fear in their community that these women will be the next victims to cruel punishment such as public stonings, amputations and executions.

A Senior U.N. official said that two groups with ties to al Queda have taken control of Northern Mali and are vowing to impose strict Islamic law, or sharia.

In July, a man and woman caught in the act of adultery were forced into two holes and stoned to death publicly to set an example to terrified residents watching in silence and fear.

While it comes as no surprise, basic human rights are continually being stripped away from most of the residents in the area and women and children endure the worst of it. In an area where more than half of the population lives off of $1.25 a day, many will do anything for extra cash. Women are often forced into marriages and in an area where wives can be bought for $1,000, their husbands will often resell them. Militants are also buying children for as much as $600 and then enlisting them as child soldiers.