It has been 250 friggen years and we still have to “pay the price?” What is the statute of limitations on this?

Via RCP:

Cable news race commentator Michael Eric Dyson went on an extraordinary rant on MSNBC’s “Now with Alex Wagner” about the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case relating to affirmative action. Dyson was responding to criticism that President Obama’s road was paved for him and how whites view affirmative action.

“What is the complaint here? The complaint is when we mess up and we acknowledged that we’ve messed up, we have to pay the price for it. America tells us as black people, ‘Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.’ Then acknowledge what you did. For 250 years, you got free on the dole. You got free labor, black intellectual power was used for your advantage. Now we’re saying, ‘let’s hook it up,’ and I find it ironic that a white woman who has benefited — white women have benefited more than anybody else from affirmative action — you’re not going to talk about your gender, you’re going to talk about your race. And when you put together the aggregate, white women and other able-bodied people, white people benefit more from a policy ostensibly aimed toward African-American uplift than anybody else. I just tell you that’s the sheet calling the rice white,” Dyson ranted.