Wait, when did she stop using it?

Why Michelle Obama Should Play the Race Card — Huffington Post

That’s right, I said it. Michelle Obama should be able to “play the race card-” a topic recently brought up by Fox News host Bill O’reilly of “The O’reilly Factor.”

O’reilly hosted a panel of authors Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes to discuss the appropriateness of Michelle Obama’s mentioning of slavery in a speech to the Congressional Black Caucus.

He referred to a clip of the first lady, in which she said, “As we mark the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, I want you to remember that the house they were standing in, the house my family has the privilege of living in — that house was built in part by slaves.”

He noted that there are sound objections to using race to make a political point, to which, Crowley responded that “all is fair” in politics, adding, “I do think it was a bit exploitative but again, we’re talking about politics and so let’s not be naïve about the ultimate objective here.”

Colmes went on to assert, “I think she was talking about we, as Americans, together, have evolved our society beyond the kind of society where slaves did the work to build the country and now that there is an African American family living in the White House… we have evolved to that point. I didn’t see it as a left-right issue.”

Certainly there is a point to having the discussion of whether race should make an appearance in politics for the purpose of political gain, but the truth is it happens all the time.