Via The Hill:

A new poll finds that an overwhelming majority of Americans who viewed last week’s presidential debate, believe Mitt Romney won, propelling the GOP nominee into a tie with President Obama

A new Gallup poll released Monday shows that 72 percent of debate watchers picked Romney as the winner of the Wednesday face-off in Denver, Colo. Twenty percent picked Obama.

Gallup said the 52-point edge for Romney was the largest winning margin measured by the polling firm for a debate. The prior largest winning-margin was for Bill Clinton in the 1992 town hall debate with President George H. W. Bush. Clinton held a 42-point edge in that post-debate survey.

Romney also was pegged as the debate winner by independents, by 70 to 19 percent and even by Democrats who said his performance topped Obama’s by 49 percent to 39.

Gallup said the strong debate performance also helped push Romney into a tie with Obama, with both candidates pulling support from 47 percent of registered voters over three days after the debate. Those number show Romney’s debate helping him close a five-point gap. In pre-debate polling, Obama topped Romney by 50 to 45 percent support.