Via The Hill:

Democratic strategists are eyeing the forthcoming debate between Vice President Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) with a mix of hope and nervousness in the wake of President Obama’s widely panned performance in his initial encounter with Mitt Romney Wednesday night.

On the plus side, some Democrats feel that a strong performance from Biden next Thursday could turn the page on the president’s near-debacle in Denver.

But they also worry that Biden’s legendary capacity to state his views in an inartful fashion could backfire. More prosaically, there is the possibility that the vice-presidential clash will be an insignificant sideshow, which would mean that Obama might have to wait until the second presidential debate on Oct. 16 before righting his ship.

Across the Democratic ranks, the reverberations from the president’s poor showing were clearly still being felt Thursday.

“Joe Biden needs to go back to the effective organizing principle of the Obama campaign, which was at some level not adhered to last night,” said Chris Lehane, a strategist who worked in the Clinton White House and on Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign.