So unlike MSNBC to accuse Obama’s opponents of being racists.

Via RCP:

On their MSNBC program today, network co-hosts Toure and Steve Kornacki attacked the messengers for the Obama race tape. Toure, who came under fire for accusing Romney of committing “niggerization” of Obama, accused the Drudge Report, The Daily Caller and Sean Hannity of conspiring against President Obama in a racial way.

“We see Hannity and Tucker Carlson critiquing the president’s accent and his tone of voice. So we have two white men who don’t know the president, talking about how he should speak, how a black person should speak in public, especially when they are talking to other black people, which is a really sort of disgusting part of this whole thing. And it leads to this whole attempt to try to portray him, once again, as a scary black man who is really out for black people. He is ultimately Malcolm X, that’s who he really is, when we see him behind closed doors, which is entirely untrue. The country does not believe that at all,” MSNBC’s Toure opined.

Toure, quoting Salon’s Joan Walsh, says this is “the most rancid racial fear-mongering I’ve seen in a long time.”

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