I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama sends them there using an Executive Order. Not closing Gitmo is one of those unfilled promises Obama’s base consistently whines about.

Via Fox News:

The Obama administration plans to buy an Illinois prison that at one point was considered for housing Guantanamo prisoners, in a move Republican lawmakers claimed would open the door for ultimately carrying out that plan.

Administration officials, though, denied that they were looking for a new home for Guantanamo inmates. They insisted the decision to buy Thomson Correctional Center, an under-used state prison 150 miles west of Chicago, was a move to alleviate overcrowding and create jobs in the process.

“This is about public safety and 50 percent overcrowding in high-security prisons,” one Justice Department official said.

Officials insisted Guantanamo detainees would not be coming to Illinois.

But Virginia Republican Rep. Frank Wolf, among the lawmakers who opposed the federal purchase of the prison, claimed Tuesday that the Obama administration could still carry out its plan — perhaps by moving prisoners from another federal prison to Thomson, and then using that prison to house Guantanamo detainees.

“The president says his goal is to shut down Guantanamo Bay and move the prisoners here,” Wolf told Fox News, accusing the administration of circumventing Congress. “This gives him a great opportunity to do it, particularly right after the election.”

Wolf chairs a key House subcommittee overseeing the sale. He was referring to Obama’s pledge immediately after taking office that he would shut down the Guantanamo Bay prison camp — a pledge that stands as one of the president’s most glaring unfulfilled promises to his base.

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