I’m not afraid to admit it, I’m a Stephen Harper fanboy.

Via JPost:

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper told Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that his speech at the UN is now “reverberating” around the world, Netanyahu said Friday. Following their meeting, US President Barack Obamaexpressed solidarity on the goal of preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, but stopped short of endorsing Netanyahu’s red line approach.

Harper said that Canada wanted to see a peaceful resolution to the Iranian crisis, “and we work closely with our allies to try and alert the world to the danger this presents and the necessity of dealing with it.”

Netanyahu said his speech was an attempt to translate the principle of stopping Iran into practice.

“In practice, that means setting red lines on their enrichment process. It’s their only discernible and vulnerable part of their nuclear program,” Netanyahu said before a breakfast meeting in New York with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Netanyahu reiterated what he said in his speech, that he believes Iran will “back off” if red lines are set.

During their meeting, Netanyahu praised Harper again for Canada’s decision recently to sever ties with Iran. “I think that what you did, severing ties with Iran, was not only an act of statesmanship, but an act of moral clarity,” he said.