Not exactly a minority opinion among the elitist left.

Via Politico:

HBO’s Bill Maher joined Larry King on Hulu’s “Larry King Now” to assess the 2012 election and, as might be expected, he had a blistering critique of, well, just about everyone.

Paul Ryan: “Has the moral core of the pimp from ‘Taxi Driver.’ This is a guy who will just say anything. … I thought Mitt Romney was a facile liar, this guy even lies about his marathon times. He’s just one of those people who when he’s speaking, he’s lying.”

GOP: “There are no moderates in the Republican party and [Jon Huntsman] is certainly not one of them and Mitt Romney is not one of them either. They believe in the fantasy world of trickle down economics even though we proved that it doesn’t work twice before. … And it’s not going to work again.”

American public: “I have fear always about the American public. They’re not very bright.”