You think he checks under his bed each night to make sure no Joooos are under it?

NEW YORK — When Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met the chieftains of the American media Monday morning, it only took a few minutes before he was asked about the U.S. presidential campaign, one in which the threat of nuclear weapons-building by Iran has figured so prominently.

Since Republican candidate Mitt Romney has been outspoken in declaring he would support Israeli military action against Iranian nuclear facilities, asked CNN correspondent Erin Burnett, did that mean Ahmadinejad would be supporting President Barack Obama’s re-election? No, he replied through an interpreter, “We do believe that the U.S. elections are a domestic issue and we will not get in the middle of that at all.” Then he cracked a smile before adding, “I believe the people of the U.S. are not a war-seeking people.”

Later, Ahmadinejad returned to the question of the U.S. relationship with Israel. Asked about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent public rift with the Obama administration over its refusal to set clear “red lines” for Iran on the nuclear issue, Ahmadinejad responded with a pointed lecture about how the United States should not be allowing Israel to dictate its policies. “Who is it who determines what the U.S. government must do? Is it the Zionists…? The U.S. government must make such vital decisions under the influence of Zionists?” Netanyahu’s insistence, he said, “should be seen as a great insult and taken as such by the people of the United States. Who are these Zionists to dictate to the U.S.?”