I had no idea Mitt Romney was this evil.

Via Washington Secrets:

Already under fire for seeming to write off tens of millions of Americans who back President Obama because they receive federal assistance, a liberal group Tuesday claimed that Mitt Romney would essentially poison and kill 21,600 if given the opportunity as president to trim air pollution rules he doesn’t like and that punish GOP donors.

The Center for American Progress Action Fund, founded by Obama advisor John Podesta, issued¬†a report¬†that said Romney’s bid to align with House Republicans trying to curb Clean Air Act rules enacted just under President Obama would “lead to 21,600 unnecessary premature deaths, 199,000 asthma attacks, and 12,540 hospitalizations every year.”

Citing Obama-backed measures that “shield children, seniors, and other vulnerable people from mercury, carcinogens, and carbon pollution,” the think tank said Romney and vice presidential running mate Rep. Paul Ryan want to “invalidate defenses against industrial chemical hazards would have tragic health consequences for hundreds of thousands of Americans.”

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