Libs demand we hand them over in 3… 2… 1.

Cairo, 18 Sep (AGI) – Egyptian prosecutors have opened proceedings against Coptic Egyptian citizens involved in the making of the Innocence of Muslims. Charges of “insulting the Islamic religion and its Prophet” and of “inciting sectarian conflict” are being pressed against seven US-resident Egyptians, namely Morris Sadek, Adel Riad, Nabil Bissada, Esmat Zaklama, Elia Bassily, Ihab Yaacoub and Jack Atallah. Prosecution is yet to set a trial date.


(AP) — Egypt’s general prosecutor has issued arrest warrants for seven Egyptian Coptic Christians and a Florida-based American pastor and referred them to trial on charges linked to an anti-Islam film that has sparked riots across the Muslim world. […]

A statement from the prosecutor on Tuesday says Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, an Egyptian Copt living in southern California and believed to be behind the film, is among those charged. So is Florida-based Pastor Terry Jones, who has said he was contacted by the filmmaker to promote the video.