How long until some idiot in the MSM exposes their hiding place?

Via Cerritos Patch:

The family of the man linked to the controversial anti-Islamic film “Innocence of Muslims” left their Cerritos home amid darkness Monday morning with assistance from members of the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station.

Three unmarked sheriff’s vehicles made their way into the residential cul-de-sac at about 3:40 a.m. Monday to pick up the family members of 55-year-old Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, who left the Cerritos residence just after midnight Saturdayunder the glare of a handful of news cameras.

This time, the late night operation was not quite the spectacle with just a Patch reporter and a lone network camera man videotaping the family exiting their home.

Cerritos sheriff’s Capt. Joe A. Gonzales and sheriff’s department spokesman Steve Whitmore looked on as members of the Cerritos sheriff’s Special Assignment Operations (SAO) Team — three deputies, a sergeant, and a lieutenant — approached the front door, but were then asked to go the the side gate by the residents inside.

A few minutes later, four family members — Nakoula’s wife, his two sons and a daughter — walked out of the same black wrought-iron side gate the infamous patriarch of their family did just two nights before. The family, clad in hooded sweatshirts and jackets used to cover their heads and faces, quickly scurried towards the three sheriff’s vehicles, placing a few bags and belongings in the trunk before getting into the cars.