Via WFB:

A Democratic congressional candidate connected the shooting of former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D., Ariz.) to the tea party in remarks given at a town hall event Thursday.

Speaking in Naperville, Ill., on Thursday, Bill Foster, a former U.S. Representative for Illinois’ 14th District who is now challenging Rep. Judy Biggert (R., Ill.), spoke about the Giffords shooting in the same breath as the tea party, appearing to link the two.

“It was a Congress on Your Corner event where Gabby Giffords was shot down by that crazy person,” said at the event, according to audio obtained by the Free Beacon. “And I used to talk to Gabby. We both lived in districts where there was a substantial Tea Party presence, and we would have substantial fraction of people who would show up there and . And I would talk to Gabby about how we deal with these people, and what you do when you have to move on to the next person. It had a tremendous effect on my staff when Gabby was shot. It was something I always thought about late at night.”

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