No matter how many millions of dollars you marry into, you still can’t buy class.

NORTHAMPTON — U.S. Sen. John Kerry encountered a loud and often angry crowd during a town hall meeting at the Northampton Center for the Arts on Saturday, as area residents grilled him about his support for the war in Afghanistan, federal spending and the federal government’s response to the recession.

Anti-war protesters interrupted the Democrat on numerous occasions, yelling and calling on him to explain his support for funding the war in Afghanistan.

And in what might have might been the most bizarre exchange of the two-hour gathering, Kerry apologized to one woman who claimed he had called her a Neanderthal for not believing in global warming. . . .

Kerry saved his harshest words for House Republicans, who early Saturday morning approved a proposed budget that would cut $60 billion from domestic programs, foreign aid and military programs.

“What I saw on the floor in the last 48 hours of the House just made my stomach turn,” Kerry told the crowd of roughly 300 people. “The lack of thought, the lack of consequence, the lack of connection to the real values of our country, as ideologue after ideologue comes to the floor to chew up the valuable time we have to address these problems.”

The five-term senator spoke at length about the environment.

“The biggest fight we have on the environment right now in Washington is not going forward, it is preventing these Neanderthals, troglodytes, whatever you call them, from going backward — preventing them from attacking the EPA, preventing the EPA from doing anything about clean air for the next few years,” Kerry said.