Nice try but Organizing for America tweeted at least 54 times in support of the protesters.

I’m sure all the Hitler, Mubarak and Mussolini signs along with the calls for the death of Scott Walker isn’t helping the protesters cause.

(NY Times) — Over the weekend, the White House and Democratic Party officials pushed back against criticism from Republicans that Mr. Obama and his political network were meddling in the Wisconsin dispute.

Administration officials said Sunday that the White House had done nothing to encourage the demonstrations in Wisconsin — nor was it doing so in Ohio, Florida and other states where new Republican governors are trying to make deep cuts to balance their budgets…

And, officials and union leaders said, reports of the involvement of the Democratic National Committee — specifically Organizing for America, the grass-roots network born of Mr. Obama’s 2008 campaign — were overblown to start with…

Kind of tough to disavow this one.

Via Doug Ross who has more.