The Gaddafi flees into exile watch has officially begun.

(WaPo) — Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi’s regime showed more signs of crumbling Monday following a volatile night in which dozens were reportedly killed in the capital and Gaddafi’s son and heir-apparent declared in a televised speech that the North African nation could fall into anarchy if his father was ousted.

By Monday morning, the six-day-old uprising had reached the capital, Tripoli, amid reports of buildings being set ablaze and looting in some neighborhoods. In Libya’s second-largest city of Benghazi, anti-government demonstrators celebrated on the streets, as reports grew that the city was now under their control.

Tribal leaders railed against Gaddafi while reports swirled of soldiers defecting from their units to the opposition. There were also reports of senior Libyan officials resigning from their posts, outraged by the killings carried out by security forces.

At least 61 people had been killed in the protests overnight in Tripoli, al-Jazeera television reported, quoting medical sources. It also reported that security forces were looting banks and other government building in Tripoli and that protesters had ransacked several police stations. Protesters also set ablaze the building used by Libya’s parliament when it is in session, Reuters reported.

Ali al-Essawi, Libya’s ambassador to India, resigned from his post Monday and called for Gaddafi to step down. He also accused the regime of deploying foreign mercenaries against the protesters.

UPDATE: Would be nice to see the victims of Pan Am Fligt 103 get some mob justice.

(Daily Mail) — Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is believed to have fled the capital Tripoli after anti-government demonstrators breached the state television building and set government property alight.

Protesters appear to have gained a foothold in Tripoli as banks and government buildings were looted while demonstrators have claimed they have taken control of the second city Benghazi.

It is thought up to 400 people may have died in the unrest with dozens more reported killed in Tripoli overnight as protests reached the capital for the first time and army units were said to have defected to the opposition.

The building where the General People’s Congress, or parliament, meets when it is in session in Tripoli was on fire on Monday morning, a Reuters reporter said.