Speaks volumes about Obama.

Via Washington Secrets:

September 11th turned out to be just another day on the Obama-Biden campaign website: A fundraising memo from first lady Michelle Obama, a pitch for gay rights including a rainbow-colored American flag [seen above], and a campaign picture under the headline “Photo of the day–September 11th, 2012.” […]

By comparison, the Romney-Ryan campaign features two blog entries, one from Mitt Romney and the other from Paul Ryan, and a 9/11 news release. The Romney campaign homepage featured a tweet and Facebook note about 9/11.

The president’s homepage had no 9/11 mention. Instead, it lead with a blog note from Michelle Obama. “I know we’ve been asking a lot from you lately. What I’m asking today is easy–but critical if we want to win this election. Please take a moment to commit to vote, and get at least one other person to do the same,” she wrote.

Under that was a picture of a gay America flag and audio from an Obama backer cheering the support for gay rights.

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