Feeling guilty about killing jihadists?

Via Politico:

President Obama admitted to personally struggling with his administration’s controversial targeted killing program.

“It’s very important for the president and the entire culture of our national security team to continually ask tough questions about, are we doing the right thing, are we abiding by rule of law, are we abiding by due process,” Obama said in an interview with CNN’s Jessica Yellin that aired Wednesday.

Obama said that any good commander-in-chief would “struggle with issues of war and peace and fighting terrorism and the difficulties of dealing with an opponent that has no rules.”

“That’s something that you have to struggle with,” he said.

The drone program was officially a secret, until Obama acknowledged its existence in an online chat earlier this year. Since then, his advisers have talked in limited detail about the program, and several news reports have revealed many of the inner workings of the program.