( – Is the U.S. Army headed in the right direction?

An internal Army survey that was conducted in 2011 and published this year discovered that only 26 percent of active-duty Army officers say yes–and that one of the two main themes cited by those who say no is that the Army is now adversely impacted by “political correctness” imposed by both outside policymakers and senior Army leaders.

The 26 percent who said the Army was headed in the right direction in 2011 was the lowest percentage who gave that response since the Army began conducting this survey in 2005. It was also significant drop from the 33 percent who had said the Army was heading in the right direction in 2010.

In the 2011 survey, in contrast to the 26 percent who said the Army was heading in the right direction, 38 percent said it was headed in the wrong direction and another 36 percent remained neutral on the topic, neither agreeing nor disagreeing that the army is heading in the right direction.

The report said that 24 percent of those who believed the Army was not headed in the right direction provided additional comments on why they believed that was the case. “Two themes stood out in these comments,” said the report. The first was concern over the downsizing of the Army and the impact it might have on national security.

The second was the impact of “political correctness.”

“Secondly,” said the report, “several comments indicated that political correctness or the influence of politics in the Army is a reason the Army is not headed in the right direction. These comments generally cited the negative influence of government policy makers (outside the Army) as being detrimental to the future of the Army, and indicated that senior Army leaders themselves felt the need to bow to ‘politically correct solutions’ to appease policy makers, or to ‘play politics’ within their own organizations.”

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