Liberal bed wetting ensues.

Via Politico:

Not surprisingly, former Vice President Al Gore thinks a President Mitt Romney and Vice President Paul Ryan will spell doom for the Earth and its environment.

“I would fear for the future of our environmental policy,” Gore said in an interview with TakePart. “Because they’ve made statements that are just completely at odds with the facts, and they seem to be really in lockstep with the large carbon polluters. But just based on their public statements, I would be very concerned about what they’d do.”

Gore didn’t let President Barack Obama off the hook either, saying, “I certainly understand” criticisms against him with regard to environmental policy.

“There are things you could pick out where he certainly should have done more,” said Gore. He did, however, cut the president some slack for those shortcomings.

“Look at the opposition he has faced. And look at the lockstep rejection of any progress on climate on the part of his opponents.” And he applauded Obama for his work on limiting CO2 emissions and setting new efficiency standards for automobiles.