(CNSNews.com) – “I understand how tough it is out there for recent grads,” President Obama told a jobless law school grad during an online chat on Wednesday. In the “long-term,” things will get better he said — but he couldn’t make any promises about “our immediate economic challenges.”

“So don’t be discouraged — we didn’t get into this fix overnight, and we won’t get out overnight, but we are making progress and with your help will make more,” Obama said.

In an “interview” with users of the online news-and-comment website Reddit, President Obama took a question from someone who recently graduated from a “top law school” with big student loans to repay — and can’t find a job.

“While I’m sure my immediate prospects will improve in time, it’s difficult to be optimistic about the future knowing that my ability to live a productive life — to have a fulfilling career, to buy a house, to someday raise a family — is hampered by my debt and the bleak economic outlook for young people.”