Via Daily Mail:

President Barack Obama could be in the doghouse with his mother-in-law after suggesting Bo, the family pet, has more charisma than her.

He was quick to correct his Freudian slip in a campaign speech he made yesterday in Davenport, Iowa.

After his wife Michelle addressed the crowd, Obama took the podium and said: ‘Let’s face it, on the charisma rankings in my household, you’ve got her (Michelle), the girls, Bo and then my mother-in-law and then me.’

While Bo the Portuguese water dog has been a very public fixture at the White House, Obama realised what he had said and was quick to say his mother-in-law Marian Robinson was actually more charismatic than the dog.

He said: ‘Actually my mother in law is before Bo, obviously.

‘I love my mother-in-law, too – that’s where Michelle got her looks from.’

Mrs Robinson lives with the family in the White House after Obama became the first American president to appoint a ‘First Grandmother’ in 2008 to look after his daughters.