You don’t suppose she expects them to vote for her mom?

HYANNIS — An exasperated U.S. Sen. Scott Brown today said a taxpayer-funded push by a group chaired by rival Elizabeth Warren’s daughter to register welfare recipients is “outrageous.”

“It’s like another thing you shake your head about. Here we go, we have Professor Warren’s daughter leading the charge at taxpayer expense to get welfare recipients out,” said Brown, who added he will fight just as hard for the votes of those on welfare. “It’s not about getting people out to vote, it’s the fact that Professor Warren’s daughter is leading the charge at taxpayer expense, getting out the vote for her mom …I think it’s outrageous and when does it end?”

But Warren’s campaign struck back quickly, calling Brown’s accusations “bizarre” and pointing to the fact that the group has been pushing to register welfare recipients across the country in accordance with a law that has been in effect for 20 years.

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