Shockingly, CBC Chairman Dem Rep. Alcee Hastings said “every member was offended.”

Via Mediaite:

Rep. Allen West reportedly offended the entire Congressional Black Caucus when he delivered a selection of Chick-fil-A chicken and biscuits to the members’ weekly meeting. CBC Chairman Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL) told The Huffington Post that, despite the incident happening six months ago, it is still fresh in their minds and every member was offended.

Despite that this incident occurred months prior to the public dustup that followed Chick-fil-A’s CEO voicing his support for traditional marriage, Hastings told The Huffington Post that the members of the CBC were offended by West’s choosing that particular fast food chain to cater their meeting.

Hastings says that it is appropriate for each member of the CBC to buy lunch on a rotating basis for their weekly meeting, but West’s purchase was too “in your face” to be tolerable.

“He did it deliberately,” said Hastings, explaining that West was sending a not-so-subtle signal with his choice of fast food. Hastings also noted that he and West rarely interact and have a rocky relationship as vocal and partisan members of opposing parties in the House.

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