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Via RCP:

Candy Crowley, CNN: To the propriety of the leader of the Democrats in the Senate accusing, based on a source, the Republican nominee of not paying any taxes for 10 years, is that something that Chicago has encouraged? Do you want him to stop?

Robert Gibbs: Let’s be clear, I don’t think anybody controls Harry Reid.

Crowley: But if you asked him to stop, he would.

Gibbs: Again, put the tax returns out. Put this whole thing to rest. Candy, have you ever seen anybody go to such great lengths to not put something out? And when you generally don’t put something out, isn’t it because you’re generally hiding something?

“I’ve never seen anybody jump through more hoops to say, a, somebody is lying, but also not put out a document that would prove what the real truth is,” Gibbs also said.

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