We have a message for the cashier (almost certainly an Afghan) GTFO of our country.

MODESTO (KTXL) —”I’m proud to be a military member- defending our Constitution, in service so that individuals like him have the right to say what he said,” said Kelly Kjelstrom.

Kjelstrom says he was just trying to buy a soda from the corner gas station.  To be specific, he says he was at the Chevron gas station at the corner of Palendale Road and Sisk Road in Modesto.

But Kjelstrom says when he pulled out his wallet to pay, the cashier noticed his military identification.

“The person told me that they don’t like my kind, and I didn’t belong in their country,” Kjelstrom said.

The story made it’s way into social media and sparked a marathon, angry protest in front of the gas station.

“If they don’t feel like they have our support, then they’re not going to do the job to the best of their ability,” said Trudy Turnbull, an Army Mom who was one the pprotesters waving an American flag in front of the gas station for much of the day Tuesday.

Meanwhile, company spokesman Sean Comey told me he’d been trying to get a hold of Kjelstrom all day.

As for Kjelstrom, he says he still isn’t certain what country the cashier wanted the U.S. Military out of, but he says he sure got out of the store in a hurry.