Yes, helps Obama’s campaign.

Via Politico:

The Obama campaign is asserting that the president personally responding to attacks on his “you didn’t build that” small-business remark is not a sign that they are working.

Senior campaign adviser David Axelrod claimed on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Wednesday that the pushback is more an effort to extend the president’s messaging than it is an attempt to minimize damage.

Both the RNC and the Romney campaign have asserted that the Obama camp is in panic mode because the attacks have hit a soft spot – they say the president’s comment about business owners needing public help to build their companies reflects President Obama’s deeply held belief that government is the solution.

Obama personally appeared in a response ad released Tuesday pushing back against the attacks, an unusual move, and the DNC is planning a large-scale coordinated response.

“I was concerned when I saw the initial ad that it might be impactful,” Axelrod said on “Morning Joe.” “I’ve concluded that it’s not all that impactful. But the ad that we did in response got a very good response in the testing that we did. Because it pushes our message forward.”

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