Calling the degenerate Kennedy clan an organized crime family is being overly kind in my opinion.

Via NY Post:

They’re playing by mob rules.

The Kennedy clan’s ramped-up reaction to Kerry Kennedy’s alleged drugged-driving smashup has upstate authorities likening the brood to a bunch of wiseguys, sources said yesterday.

“The family is so aggressive, they act like some organized-crime family,” said a law-enforcement source familiar with the case.

“They come right out playing hardball with bare knuckles — they don’t even know the facts.”

Kennedy, 52, the ex-wife of Gov. Cuomo and daughter of the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, was charged with driving while ability impaired by drugs after cops said they found her unable to walk, talk or see straight minutes after a harrowing drive on Interstate 684 last Friday.

Kennedy, who allegedly weaved in and out of traffic and cut off several drivers before slamming her Lexus into a tractor-trailer and fleeing the scene, initially told cops she may have taken the potent sleeping drug Ambien.

But just minutes after police announced her arrest, Kennedy’s camp insisted that blood and urine tests conducted by private doctors in the hours after the 8 a.m. crash showed no drugs or alcohol in her system.