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Romney campaign’s attacks on Obama play on ‘birther’ fears — LA Times

In remarks that played on debunked assertions about President Obama’s birthplace, Mitt Romney on Tuesday said that the current administration resembled foreign governments and one of his chief surrogates said the president needed to “learn how to be an American.”

The remarks — former New Hampshire Gov. John H. Sununu later apologized for the latter comment — came as Romney tried to change the subject from calls for his tax returns and questions about the length of his tenure at the venture firmBain Capital. Both issues have fueled sustained attacks fromDemocrats and even some Romney allies.

Standing before hundreds of supporters in a sweltering oil and natural gas services company outside Pittsburgh, Romney compared Obama’s administration to those in foreign lands where the well-connected receive government handouts while the middle-class suffers.

“That’s happening in this country today. I’m ashamed to say we’re seeing the president hand out money to the businesses of his campaign contributors,” Romney said as he stood in front of a large sign that read, “Obama’s Upside-Down Economy.”