Yes, we do miss him.

(PPP) — There’s been a lot of talk in the last few weeks pushing Jeb Bush as a candidate in 2012 but there’s just one problem: a plurality of Americans say they would definitely not vote for another Bush for President in the future.

44% of voters in the country say there’s no way they’d support another Bush Presidency. Only 14% say they’d definitely favor one, and 39% say they’d consider it. The Republican base is decently open to the idea of another Bush- only 10% distinctly rule out the possibility. But a majority of Democrats at 73% and most notably a majority of independents at 50% shut the door to another President Bush. Perhaps those feelings will change in the coming years but it’s unlikely they’d shift enough by next November to allow Jeb to win an election that soon.

Interestingly though asked who they’d vote for if George W. Bush was allowed to run against Barack Obama for a third term next year, voters only go for Obama by a 48-44 margin. One thing that number shows is a softening of feelings toward the former President. His favorability is now a 41/49 spread, and he’s back up to 81% of Republicans with a favorable opinion of him. His approval numbers with them were much lower than that in the closing years of his term but these figures suggest that all is forgiven, at least with the base.

The other thing they show though is the remarkable weakness at this point of the 2012 Republican field. Only Mike Huckabee, who trails by 3, does better in a match up against Obama than George W. Bush. Mitt Romney who trails by 5, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul who trail by 9, Sarah Palin who trails by 12, and Donald Trump who trails by 14 all do worse than that. Not a good sign when most of your leading lights fare worse than a former President who left office with atrocious poll numbers.

Worth noting the firm that conducted the poll, Public Policy Polling is Dem-controlled, makes it even more impressive.

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