Odds are there’s a sizable number of Dems who would gladly welcome an Islamist-led Egypt.

(Zogby) — U.S. likely voters are more likely to say the ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was positive rather than negative for the U.S., but 68% are either very or somewhat concerned that Islamic fundamentalists will have too much power in the new government. . . .

Republicans (42%) are more likely to say President Obama should have been more supportive of Mubarak. However, 17% say Obama’s response was correct, and another 17% say he should have shown more support for the protestors. Three-fourths of Democrats and 41% of independents say Obama’s response was correct.

Republicans (88%) are most likely to be concerned about Islamic fundamentalist power in a new Egypt, followed by independents (70%) and Democrats (48%).

A small majority of Republicans (53%) say Mubarak’s ouster was negative for the U.S. and a plurality (44%) say it was negative for people in the Middle East. Republicans are also more likely to say this was a negative for Israel (71%).

Democrats are most likely to say Mubarak’s ouster was positive for all three places, including a plurality of 46% who see it as positive for Israel. Seventy percent of Democrats feel it was positive for the U.S., and 72% see it as positive for people in the Middle East.