But he killed St. Skittles so that means he’s automatically a racist (according to the race-baiting brigade).

(CNN) — George Zimmerman, charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, had a “little hero complex” but was not a racist, a Sanford, Florida, homicide investigator told federal agents, according to reports released Thursday.

In an interview with FBI agents in March, investigator Chris Serino told authorities he “believed that Zimmerman’s actions were not based on Martin’s skin color, rather based on his attire, the total circumstances of the encounter and the previous burglary suspects in the community,” according to an FBI report.

The reports and other information in the second-degree murder case against Zimmerman were released Thursday by Special Prosecutor Angela Corey to Zimmerman’s attorney.

The U.S. Department of Justice took up a civil rights investigation following allegations that race played a part in the killing of Martin, 17, in February in a gated community in Sanford, Florida. The reports released Thursday do not draw conclusions in that investigation.

Similarly, interviewed co-workers are complimentary of Zimmerman. Several noted an incident in which a lock Zimmerman used to attach his orthopedic chair to his desk was cut, but said he handled it appropriately and professionally.

One apparent co-worker, whose identity was redacted, told agents she saw Zimmerman as he was waiting to speak to human resources the Monday after the shooting and noticed his injuries. The woman told agents that Zimmerman was “absolutely emotionally devastated.”

A report on an interview with Zimmerman’s ex-fiance was also released. The woman told authorities that while she and Zimmerman had physical altercations and at one point filed restraining orders against one another, she never saw Zimmerman exhibit any other violence or exhibit any racial bias.