Yes, you read the headline correctly. Sex-slaves.

Via IPT:

While world attention has been focused on the political faceoff between the Egyptian military and Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated President Muhammad Morsi, away from the cameras Islamists continue pushing to consolidate power.

Egyptian Salafists are demanding the legalization of Islamic “sex-slave” marriages and are calling on Morsi to expel all Shi’ite Muslims and Bahai from Egypt. Prominent Muslim clerics are demanding the destruction of Egypt’s Great Pyramids.

Morsi, whose ascension to the presidency ended 60 years of military rule, several months ago advocated violent jihad and establishing an Islamic theocracy in Egypt.

On Sunday, just nine days into his term, Morsi moved to defy last month’s ruling by Egypt’s highest court dissolving the Islamist-led Parliament. On Tuesday, lawmakers held a session lasting just a few minutes and authorities made no move to stop them. While the court decision has drawn strong support from the Egyptian military, it angered the Brotherhood and other Islamist parties who won two-thirds of the seats in parliamentary elections earlier in the year.

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