Even better, another poll finds Romney supporters in battleground states are more enthusiastic than Obama’s.

Via Red State:

In the new ABC News/Washington Post poll, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney extends his lead among Independents to 14 points, 53-39 percent. Two months ago, a POLITICO/George Washington University Battleground poll found Romney had a ten-point lead among the critical Independent voters.

The mainstream media is touting the poll as showing the race is “dead even” — a 47-47 percent Obama-Romney contest among registered voters. Yet the new poll contains many more warning signs for the Obamacrats.

Obama’s overall job rating is 47-49 percent, approve-disapprove (the same as in May). But his approvals are majority negative on:

  1. The Economy, 44-54 percent;
  2. Health Care, 41-52 percent (a numerical low in approval, with no bump from last month’s Supreme Court ruling); and
  3. Immigration, 38-52 percent (also bumpless despite Obama’s halting enforcement against certain illegal aliens, who arrived as minors) via executive fiat.

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