According to the MSM it is. Even the local news here in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts is reporting on it.

Via Big Journalism’s Dana Loesch:

Progressives have taken issue with a cartoon published recently on this website mocking the government overreach of the First Lady’s food regulations. The cartoon ran specifically post-Super Bowl to emphasize the double standard of what Michelle Obama says regarding American diets, and the food choices offered at the White House’s Super Bowl party.

Lawrence O’Donnell stopped his beta male “Say Anything” pining over Bill O’Reilly long enough to bore us all to tears with a discombobulated diatribe about why the Hudnall/Lash cartoon was racist but apparently screaming for the lynching of Justice Thomas was not. Oh! My bad! O’Donnell said nothing of the prog-Thomas-lynching or the Cain-monkey-slur. . . .

I won’t even call this latest stunt by the left a “double standard” because for it to be a double standard, there must be something comparable on the right which there simply is not. On one hand you have a cartoon mocking the hypocrisy of the First Lady’s remarks while eating food listed on the White House menu of Super Bowl choices; on the other you have a progressive mob — not one, not two, but many — calling for the lynching of Justice Clarence Thomas and slurring Herman Cain in a progressive, Tides-funded web publication. Apparently the hypocrisy of the First Lady is off limits because she’s . . . a woman, thus sexist? Black, thus racist? Exempting her for either is inherently sexist and racist.

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