Two peas in a pod.

(Politico) — Texas Rep. Ted Poe blasted the Justice Department on Friday for hiring what the congressman called a “partisan” and “liberal group” as a part of the DOJ’s effort to block the implementation of the state’s voter ID law, saying the firm in question has “no credibility.”

“The Department of Justice is, with all their battery of lawyers and investigators — they can’t find any evidence to support their lawsuit against Texas allegedly discriminating so they go to an outside group,” the Republican congressman said on “Fox and Friends.” “It is a partisan group, it is a liberal group, that promotes progressive ideas and they’re trying to get information, evidence if we can use that phrase, in this case to use against Texas in the lawsuit.”

He added, “They’re not objective and so they’ve already have their minds made up. We’re not sure if the facts or evidence they’re presenting have any credibility at all.”

Poe echoed the complaints of fellow Republican and chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Lamar Smith, who came out this week criticizing Attorney General Eric Holder and the DOJ for hiring the firm Catalist to conduct analysis on the Texas voter ID law. Smith argued that the DOJ’s decision to block the implementation of the law was partly based on research conducted by Catalist, which he slammed as being “an explicitly partisan Democratic data company.”

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