Via Mediaite:

On Tuesday, Fox & Friends invited former documentary filmmaker Erick Allen Bell back on the program to continue a discussion about a political conversion he underwent while making a film about the construction of a large mosque in Tennessee. Bell set out to make a film about the religious intolerance of southern evangelicals but he says what he discovered about radical Islam while making the film forced him to reconsider his preconceptions. “The liberal media, which I didn’t believe existed before this — I thought that was invented by Rush Limbaugh — there is a liberal media,” said Bell. “And they do have a bias. They’re not interested in this story.”

“I wrongly thought that the opposition to the mosque was about evangelicals wanting to maintain the home court advantage and just not wanting another religion to have such a big facility in their town,” said Bell. “Sure enough, there is no such thing as radical Islam — it doesn’t exist. Islam is radical. Muslims, fortunately, in America mostly — not radical. But Islam is radical to the core.”

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