With any luck you might even be on board when it runs over the next hapless Democrat who makes Obama look bad.

From: Michelle Obama
To: Drew
Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2012 4:46 PM
Subject: Your seat on Barack’s bus

Drew —

Our family has spent more than a few days on the campaign trail.

We’ve had lots of card games, laughs, and fun family moments on that campaign bus.

Barack is hitting the road again next week, and he’s saving two seats on the bus for a supporter and their guest. We’ll pick the lucky winner in just a few hours.

So make a donation before the big fundraising deadline tonight, and you’ll be automatically entered to join Barack on the road.

The girls and I miss Barack when we’re not on the road with him. But I know he’s looking forward to hanging out with you — so I’ll let you take my seat this time.

Pitch in what you can before tonight’s critical fundraising deadline to be automatically entered to spend some time with Barack on the road:


Thanks, and good luck.

— Michelle