Afghanistan might be the only country on Earth where a dirty-bomb attack might spruce up the place.

(CAN) — The Telegraph reports that a document from January 2009 released by Wikileaks warns that Al-Qaeda had planned to carry out attacks using explosives with radioactive material wrapped to them, often referred to as a “dirty bomb.” The document also warned that the terrorist group had made progress in the creation of chemical and biological weapons.

The document reports that at a meeting of NATO security officials, participants were informed that Osama Bin Laden’s group wanted to detonate “dirty radioactive IEDs [improvised explosive devices]” in Afghanistan against British soldiers. The radiation may not kill any individuals, but would require a long and exhaustive clean-up effort to make the affected area habitable again.

The officials were also told that documents captured in Afghanistan in 2007 revealed that Al-Qaeda had made “greater advances” in creating “workable and effective” chemical and biological weapons.