But don’t worry, the left has assured us the MB has “eschewed” violence.

Via AmSpec:

Mohamed Atta.

An Egyptian, it was he who forced his way into the cockpit of American Airlines Flight 11 after it left Logan Airport in Boston on the morning of September 11, 2001.

An anti-capitalist, it was he, whom friends later described to the UK’s left-leaning Guardian newspaper as being “very critical of capitalistic, Western development schemes . . . of big hotels and office buildings” — and became infamous for ramming a Boeing 767, flying at 500 miles an hour and loaded with 15,000 gallons of jet fuel, into the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. A building that was the very symbol of capitalism mere blocks from the heart of Wall Street.

It was he, trained as an architect and a pilot and belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood-controlled “Engineers Syndicate,” who had practiced repeatedly for this moment of mass murder in the tallest of buildings. A moment that arrived precisely at 8:46 a.m. as he expertly leveraged the speeding jet between the 93rd and 98th floors of the North Tower, causing the structure to collapse.

On that morning, it was Mohamed Atta — Egyptian, Muslim Brotherhood disciple, anti-capitalist — who succeeded in slaughtering 1,434 Americans in that North Tower.

This does not include the 92 passengers of American Airlines flight 11 whom Atta — on a suicide mission — included.

In this now-famous video by the Naudet brothers, at the time filming New York City firefighters, Mohammed Atta’s handiwork was captured in real time.

Mohamed Atta, as mentioned, was also a member of the “Engineers Syndicate.”

What is the Engineers Syndicate? “The Engineers Syndicate” is an auxiliary of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood that brings together Muslim professionals in fields related to engineering (there are similar groups for doctors and lawyers) as seen here in this link to the English language website of the Muslim Brotherhood itself.

The current Secretary General of the Engineers Syndicate is Dr. Mohamed Ali Beshr. Dr. Beshr, as seen here, is also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau. The group is also an advocate of that left-wing favorite “social justice.”

And as mentioned here in the Washington Post on September 22, 2001 — only eleven days after 9/11, when Post reporter Peter Finn reported of Atta:

In 1990, after finishing his studies in architecture, Atta joined what is called an “engineering syndicate,” a professional or trade group. Like the school that trained many of its engineers, the syndicate was an unofficial base for the Muslim Brotherhood, where it recruited and propagated its ideas, including the demonization of the United States.

The day after the Post story on Atta appeared, the previously cited story in the UK’s Guardian, was saying this of Atta:

Atta made no secret of where his sympathies lay. He had graduated from a faculty that was a hotbed of fundamentalist agitation and gone on to join the Engineers Syndicate, one of three professional associations controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Got that? The Engineers Syndicate is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. It is an advocate of “social justice” — a keystone of socialism.